Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Today I...

Tuesday the 28th of July - had a blood test done in the morning (missed biology, yes!), asked if I could stay home for the rest of the day and the answer was yes (no maths or english either, yes!), planned to catch up on maths since we have a SAC on Thursday, didn't, watched a lot of youtube videos, cleaned my room, bludged through the rest of the day and got in bed early.

I don't know what I'm planning to call these posts but I'm aiming to do them every day, or most days. Maybe not on days like this considering it's not very interesting... But hey, gotta learn to love the little things. :)

Monday, 27 July 2015

The past few days

Friday the 24th: Woke up to my dog, Kelly, throwing up in my bedroom... She got it all in an empty plastic box that just happened to be on my floor. I have concluded she did it for my benefit, thanks Kel. hehe

Saturday the 25th: Went to Jackson's house with Maddi and Arabella, and played Just Dance haha

Sunday the 26th: Arabella and I watched the Book Thief and I proceeded to do no homework after she left!

Today, Monday the 27th: Maddi and I are convinced Kyle has a vendetta against us (he's trying to kill us, probably for the mandarin peels), I bought fruit roll ups at lunch and got weird stomach cramps after that - no clue why???

have a fab day x

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Making changes (yes, I know it's not New Year)

Okay, so apparently I forgot I have a blog haha but I'd definitely like to get into it more! I think before I was finding it really difficult to figure out what to blog about but at the moment I am really excited to do this.
I think in the future I will be posting about recipes, trying to help people understand plant-based lifestyles and basically just what's happening in my life.
Honestly I'm not that interested in reading product reviews that other people have made, so I probably won't be doing many of them, unless they're about movies or something which I am really quite impressed with.
My ideal future would probably involve blogging about plant-based living and travelling, so maybe that's what this will turn into! (If I ever get to travel hahah)

This probably wasn't a very interesting post but it's helping me to feel organised and motivated, thanks for reading!!