Friday, 30 September 2016


Today consisted of buying a battery and film for Rodney's film camera, going for a drive and going to work!

Thursday, 29 September 2016


Today was pretty good (aside from one gross thing which was actually kind of funny), we have lots of bananas, two of which I ate with breakfast, yay!

The one gross thing was this: I walked into Foodworks, looked over at the cashier boy and he was FULL ON PICKING HIS NOSE. He was twisting it and everything. And then he served me and all I could think about was how he was touching my stuff hahah. Ew.

Rachael has been very into film photography lately, and she just got a bunch of film developed from primary school, 2013 and 2014.

Christmas before last - Me, Saskia, Anastasia, Juliet
2014 with Jarome the health baby - out to dinner with Rachael and her mum

On my way home from school with Jarome

2013 - Saskia's bedroom


I absolutely LOVE this photo of Juliet and I - I don't even know where we are but it was probably in 2013

This was at either Swan Hill or Sovereign Hill camp in grade 4 or 5 (or 6)
I've now pulled out Rodney's old film camera and am super excited to start using it. I'm going to buy film tomorrow, and surely will need to buy a new battery too, but I can't wait! I'd love to stumble upon the photos that I take in a few years and be totally surprised about what they are - although I probably won't wait that long to get them developed.

End of day 14 x


It's been two days since I made a post on here! I remembered at some points, but figured I'd do it later. I guess it's safe to say that later never came.

On Tuesday, I didn't do much other than go to the city for churros with Anastasia, and it was a lot of fun. After churros, we sat in the library and made a tinder group, and just sort of mucked about a bit.

That's me sitting in a lone chair, for some reason we thought that chair was really funny, all by itself. Eventually she had to leave to go to band practice and I had to go home to make curry. Pretty late that night, I started online shopping for shoes - I think that's the main reason I forgot to make a post.

The next day, yesterday, I was home all day, online shopping - again. It was kind of weird because I'm really not that much of a shopper. I don't often go shopping and buy things if I just don't need them, but I hadn't spent that much money since I got a job and I guess I just wanted to. I have to say though, I'm glad that feeling is gone now. And I have three exciting packages coming in the mail!

Now I have to get ready! Adios, you will see me again tonight. Days 12 & 13 over.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016


26th of September = Rodney's birthday!!
I wasn't awake to see him in the morning, but while he was at work I wrapped his present and made him a card and a chocolate cake. The chocolate cake wasn't that great because I ran out of sugar - oops - but he was super happy with his Star Wars vhs tapes and his birthday card. I was happy to see him happy like that. We started watching A New Hope, until he started dozing off. Can't be asleep for Star Wars! We'll probably watch the rest tomorrow or something.

Also I just don't think I should force myself to take photos and post them every day if they're only being taken for the sake of the post? I feel like they're just too pointless and I'd rather not do it. So I'm not going to. I took a photo of the Star Wars box set, but I just can't bring myself to upload it. It's so unnecessary.

Anyway, it has somehow reached 1:04am, and I need to get in bed. Adios day 11.

Monday, 26 September 2016


It's exactly two months until the Gilmore Girls revival!! So exciting, I can't wait - I'm rooting for Team Jess. I was still sick for all of today, although I slept a lot better last night than the night before. Again, I just watched Gilmore Girls all day and ate junk food, there isn't any more to it.

Rodney had work both today and yesterday, so the poor lil' guy didn't really get a weekend, Ray and Darcy came over for a little bit this afternoon and a bird made a crater in our pear.

End of daaaay... 10?

Saturday, 24 September 2016


I missed a post yesterday because by the end of the day I was soo sick! I just had no energy whatsoever. All I did yesterday was work at Judy's shop, alphabetise the travel bookshelf (which made my hands super grubby, by the way) and then come home. I didn't go to work today or yesterday, and I probably won't tomorrow because I don't think it's a good idea to go to work at a restaurant, being around lots of food and lots of people when I'm all germy and gross.

Today (after one of the worst sleeps I've ever had) I stayed in bed literally all day, watching Gilmore Girls. The highlight of my day was when Rodney brought home my fave ice cream - vegan, of course - and I devoured it all in one sitting. No regrets.

It's legit 'so good' hahah
I'll probably spend much of tomorrow the same way, but hopefully I'll manage to fit in a drive seeing as I didn't today or during the week - but we'll see how I feel.

End of days 8 & 9 :)

Friday, 23 September 2016


I got a haircut today! The hairdresser made it a lot shorter and thinner, but it'll grow back, and other than that I think I like it. I don't have any photos of it, other than this STUNNING number (lol), but hey ho.

After the haircut, I came home and made Rebecca a bracelet for her birthday dinner while watching Friends. Emma and I then met everyone at seven at the Sahara restaurant near Melbourne Central and, of course, Emma and I were the first there. It didn't really bother me, though. I like being early - it's much better than being late. Jackson and Manoj were the next to arrive and then Rebecca, Asmaa, Atiida and their friend that I never actually learnt the name of. That sounds terrible, but she didn't really talk much and neither did I... Okay, that's still a bad excuse.
After the dinner (which was uncomfortably expensive, by the way), we went to the rooftop bar that they had, hung out there for a bit, took some photos and then went to ABC.

The only problem with taking photos, is you don't get to be in any of them haha, it's like you weren't even there. Anyway, at ABC, Jackson met up with these guys he met last week and we ended up going to some club with a HUGE group of girls who were obsessed with the guys. I kind of wish I hadn't paid $10 to get in (Emma and I just went because we thought it would be free) but it was pretty funny trying to keep up with everyone in heels. We didn't stay there for long, and on my way home I had to pee SO BAD, but I made it. And now I'll probably watch Grey's Anatomy and then cry when I have to wake up for work tomorrow morning!

Goodnight xx  End of day 7! (7?)

Wednesday, 21 September 2016


I slept in for so long today, I ended up getting out of bed at about 12, but in my defence, I went to sleep really late last night. Pretty much all I did today was clean, call the hairdresser to make an appointment (and to check whether they use cruelty free products - which they do! YAY) and then go to Lombards with Rachael! Lombards is life I tell you.

At Lombards I got a bag of skulls (it actually came with six but I only put three in the photo), some 'police tape', a black light bulb - which I'm hoping is the sort of black light that makes white stuff glow, and won't just turn everything in my room blue. Either way, it'll be cool though. And a little hanging skeleton which I'll probably keep in my room all year long because it's so cute.

I had a conversation with Marly over Facebook. He's still in Poland and might stay a lot longer than expected if he gets a receptionist job at his hostel. I'm happy that he'll be able to do that and that he's clearly loving it, but I kind of miss him. But go be adventurous and have fun, travel for as long as you can. I wonder what he'll do when he comes back, whenever he does. Or maybe he'll become one of those social media nomads. That's the dream tbh. Although I don't think he's much of a social media person, neither am I.

Time for me to sleep :) Day 6 done!

Tuesday, 20 September 2016


Today was a struggle waking up, and I ended up being late to the doctor's oops (well, late to meeting Rodney there). I did make it though, to get my b12 injection. When I got home, I didn't have much to do so I decided to make a cake! I ended up making a few little bundt cakes, and I'm going to try to decorate them as pumpkins, although I'll have to leave that for tomorrow because I didn't have enough time before dinner, and it's a bit late now.
I just used a normal vanilla cake recipe for the cakes (vegan, of course), and for the icing I was just going to mix icing sugar, water and food colouring.

(Incase you're wondering what those weird blobs are on the left, they're the cake bits I sliced off the top to make the bottoms flat!)

FYI, I'm still SO obsessed with Salem, but I think I'll survive if I don't go... Maybe. I messaged Rachel and she hasn't 'seen' it yet so who knows what will happen. I don't know if I'm up to travelling so far by myself just yet - maybe if it were much more planned and organised, or if I knew someone there.
But anyway, whatever happens, it will be okay. I can still have a super awesome Halloween here, just like I've been planning all year. Which reminds me, I need a dress!

Speaking of dresses, I've been Insta-stalking this amazing photographer Linda Blacker. The costumes and makeup she uses in her photos are so amazing, they're all very artistic and fairy-tale-esque. I just wanted to write it down, so if I'm ever reading through these again, I'll be reminded of her cool work and I can go see what she's done since I last looked.

And with that, I declare the end of day 5 xx

Monday, 19 September 2016


I love being able to run. Every time I run that little bit further or faster or longer, I just get so proud of myself, because running is hard! Well, for me at least. At the moment, though, I can't do it. I got sore knees after jumping back into it too hard after not running for months. So while I wait for my knees to repair themselves - I'm sure they will soon, right? - I'm back to biking. Which I also love.
This morning I rode along the Capital City Trail which goes past my old high school, and I'm 90% certain I rode past two of my old teachers - awkward. They were both teachers I really liked (Rainer and Jamie) but I didn't particularly feel the need to bump into them with greasy hair and a red face.

I came home, jumped in the shower, did some french, took Kelly for a walk, did some more french, DIED at how beautiful Salem, MA is - particularly in Autumn (or 'fall'). I want to go there soo much, and essentially I could just book a flight and GO. But can I really? Part of me wants to be spontaneous and crazy and just do it, for real, but the other part of me is too concerned about judgemental people, and about how I wouldn't know anyone. But it's kind of my last chance to go during halloween, which is legit my DREAM. Plus, I won't be able to do it for another four years because of uni and exams...

After French class, I was walking to Melbourne Central when a boy, probably about my age, came up to me and asked if I was German. It wasn't really in a creepy or annoying way, it was just kind of funny. He said I looked German because of my blonde hair and blue eyes, although my eyes are really more grey/green. He tried to introduce himself but I was kind of in a hurry to meet Beth and I didn't want to give him the wrong idea or anything, so I just said I had to meet my friend, and he was totally cool about it. Ten or so minutes later, when I had made it to Melbourne Central and was on an escalator right near our meeting spot, I pulled my phone out of my pocket to check the time and another guy started talking to me. He asked if my lock screen was a picture of a cat, to which I said no, and showed him the picture of Kelly. He then proceeded to show me a picture of his kitten, ask me about uni, tell me about how he wanted to change courses because there wasn't much of a job market in the field he was currently studying, ask me to play touch football, ask me for my Facebook and ask my for my phone number until I said 'umm maybe not...' and managed to get away! He seemed nice but he wouldn't let me leave! I then greeted Beth, we got burgers at Grill'd (the vegan burger there was surprisingly nice! It had pineapple which I wasn't expecting, but it totally made it) and then played three games of bowling before getting really tired and going home.

I originally intended to take at least one photo of Beth at the bowling place, I even brought my DSLR, but I felt so awkward pulling it out. I definitely need to work on being more carefree with stuff like that - who cares if I'm taking a photo of my friend anyway?

That concludes day... 4? xx

Sunday, 18 September 2016


So today I woke up at 8:30am and my eyes were DYING. I definitely didn't go to sleep as early as I intended but hey, at least I had fun reading. I ended up getting to the city at about 10:40am but Frankie couldn't meet me until quarter past eleven, I don't know what she was doing hahaha. We got to Camberwell market about half an hour before it closed, but we still managed to find some GEMS. I found a $3 Princess Highway shirt, and an adorable matching set (a t-shirt and shorts) with a really cute bee print on. The things I got were actually a tiny bit too small for me, but I'll make it work. I really want to go back to Camberwell Market and have a proper look around, so I might be doing that next weekend with Emma.

When I returned home I wasn't feeling that great - probably undercarbed - so I just chilled in my room for a while before Rodney and I went on a drive! I have close to four hours now, and I'm so excited about driving. It's getting more fun the more I do it - I guess because I'm more comfortable and less on edge. I got up to 40kmph today, which is pretty crazy for me!

I didn't take any photos today aside from this one photo of a sock in a tree.

I took this when Rodney and Kelly walked me to work (which was very nice, by the way) and then it started raining. I wonder how the sock fared. Anyway, I'm sitting at my desk freezing, so I'd better get in bed. The only reason I haven't done that already is because I was too cold to stand up... Eeep, here I go.

End of day 3! :)

Saturday, 17 September 2016


Today I got out of bed soo late - past 12! The weather was pretty nice though, so I made my breakfast and started eating it out in the sun (until the sun went away and I got cold). Recently I've been eating muesli with dried berries, and adding banana, peanut butter and unsweetened almond milk. It is seriously so good.
Rodney then came home from the supermarket and we went for a drive around our streets so I can get the hang of driving. I definitely need improvement, it's a little embarrassing, but I'll get there.

When we got home I discovered how to use shutter speed on my camera and I was super excited about being able to take photos of water! I tried a few today but what I really want to do is fill up some water balloons and try to get photos of them bursting. I've always loved the idea of doing that, and now I think I can do it! I also want to try throwing water from a bucket, and trying to get a cool snap of it. Images of water, especially ones like that, are just so awesome.

I took a few photos while Rodney was outside gardening, primarily because I wanted to capture him using the hose, but the one photo I took that I didn't mind, I accidentally deleted. Oops. To compensate, I'm including this photo of the tap running in our manky bathtub. There will be more to show in the future, I'm sure.

After I took this, I went to work and made a list of things I want to get done this week. They were fun things like make a really cool cake and go to Camberwell Sunday Market (which I'm now doing tomorrow) because I need some more excitement in my life at the moment. Hopefully that'll help.

On my way back from work, the moon was shining so bright. I just think it's so cool that we can even see the moon from Earth, and to us it just looks like this weird white globe, shining somewhere in the sky. It doesn't even look real. I took this photo of it, which I wouldn't have even thought about putting up here but I showed it to Rodney and he loved it so much.

I guess that's the end of day 2! I'm going to get to sleep early tonight, so I won't be too dead when I have to meet Frankie at 10am tomorrow.

Goodnight xx


Yesterday I decided that I wanted to take a photo every day for the next year. I'm sure it would have made more sense to begin this project on January 1st but at the same time, I don't really know why. Something I do a lot is put things off until a time that 'makes more sense'. Like writing down a weekly goals list, but waiting until Monday to start it, even though I want to start it now. I need to remember to live more in the moment. Why do in the future what you can do now?
I'm doing this project as a way to improve my photography skills for one thing, improve my writing, and see what happens in a year. So here it goes:

Today I went for a bike ride with Rachael along the Moonee Ponds creek trail, only we rode along the other side, which I didn't even know was possible. It was a really cute dirt trail and along the way we found some chickens! We ended up stopping to take photos of the chickens for way too long, but it was just so cute and worth it.

We kept going along the trail, over a bridge onto the other side of the path, we passed Anastasia's house and ended up in the prettiest spot. There were wild flowers growing everywhere, and a huge weeping willow tree made the whole scene look like we were in a fairy tale or a children's book. I didn't take any photos of this, but I should have. Although I don't suppose it's going anywhere and I think if I had stopped it might have ruined the magic.

One of the reasons I'm doing this project, as I've already said, is because I want to figure out how to better use my DSLR, which is also partly why Rachael and I went on this ride. (She's also into photography at the moment and I love that that's something we can do together. I'm not saying I'm super serious about it or that I couldn't do it with anyone else, but while we were riding today I just felt so happy that we could just go for a ride and take photos and hang out. We've been friends since we met, like 13 years ago now, and I can't imagine ever not being her friend, it's so weird and nice because it's not something I have to worry about either. Well at least I don't think! haha) Anyway, one thing I need to understand is why my photos go black when I use the Manual setting. It's both confusing and kind of cool because I actually kind of liked how this turned out.

After the bike ride, I essentially just went home, went to work and came home again - with various foods and Grey's Anatomy episodes in between. After work, the chef at my restaurant specially made me some vegan garlic naan which I was so pleased by. It probably wasn't hard to do but I really appreciated it.

It's now 1:38am because I forgot I had to write this until I was ready to go to sleep - what a good start! So forgive my potentially lacky writing (is lacky even a word? It is now), it'll be better tomorrow.

Goodnight xx