Friday, 23 September 2016


I got a haircut today! The hairdresser made it a lot shorter and thinner, but it'll grow back, and other than that I think I like it. I don't have any photos of it, other than this STUNNING number (lol), but hey ho.

After the haircut, I came home and made Rebecca a bracelet for her birthday dinner while watching Friends. Emma and I then met everyone at seven at the Sahara restaurant near Melbourne Central and, of course, Emma and I were the first there. It didn't really bother me, though. I like being early - it's much better than being late. Jackson and Manoj were the next to arrive and then Rebecca, Asmaa, Atiida and their friend that I never actually learnt the name of. That sounds terrible, but she didn't really talk much and neither did I... Okay, that's still a bad excuse.
After the dinner (which was uncomfortably expensive, by the way), we went to the rooftop bar that they had, hung out there for a bit, took some photos and then went to ABC.

The only problem with taking photos, is you don't get to be in any of them haha, it's like you weren't even there. Anyway, at ABC, Jackson met up with these guys he met last week and we ended up going to some club with a HUGE group of girls who were obsessed with the guys. I kind of wish I hadn't paid $10 to get in (Emma and I just went because we thought it would be free) but it was pretty funny trying to keep up with everyone in heels. We didn't stay there for long, and on my way home I had to pee SO BAD, but I made it. And now I'll probably watch Grey's Anatomy and then cry when I have to wake up for work tomorrow morning!

Goodnight xx  End of day 7! (7?)

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