Saturday, 17 September 2016


Yesterday I decided that I wanted to take a photo every day for the next year. I'm sure it would have made more sense to begin this project on January 1st but at the same time, I don't really know why. Something I do a lot is put things off until a time that 'makes more sense'. Like writing down a weekly goals list, but waiting until Monday to start it, even though I want to start it now. I need to remember to live more in the moment. Why do in the future what you can do now?
I'm doing this project as a way to improve my photography skills for one thing, improve my writing, and see what happens in a year. So here it goes:

Today I went for a bike ride with Rachael along the Moonee Ponds creek trail, only we rode along the other side, which I didn't even know was possible. It was a really cute dirt trail and along the way we found some chickens! We ended up stopping to take photos of the chickens for way too long, but it was just so cute and worth it.

We kept going along the trail, over a bridge onto the other side of the path, we passed Anastasia's house and ended up in the prettiest spot. There were wild flowers growing everywhere, and a huge weeping willow tree made the whole scene look like we were in a fairy tale or a children's book. I didn't take any photos of this, but I should have. Although I don't suppose it's going anywhere and I think if I had stopped it might have ruined the magic.

One of the reasons I'm doing this project, as I've already said, is because I want to figure out how to better use my DSLR, which is also partly why Rachael and I went on this ride. (She's also into photography at the moment and I love that that's something we can do together. I'm not saying I'm super serious about it or that I couldn't do it with anyone else, but while we were riding today I just felt so happy that we could just go for a ride and take photos and hang out. We've been friends since we met, like 13 years ago now, and I can't imagine ever not being her friend, it's so weird and nice because it's not something I have to worry about either. Well at least I don't think! haha) Anyway, one thing I need to understand is why my photos go black when I use the Manual setting. It's both confusing and kind of cool because I actually kind of liked how this turned out.

After the bike ride, I essentially just went home, went to work and came home again - with various foods and Grey's Anatomy episodes in between. After work, the chef at my restaurant specially made me some vegan garlic naan which I was so pleased by. It probably wasn't hard to do but I really appreciated it.

It's now 1:38am because I forgot I had to write this until I was ready to go to sleep - what a good start! So forgive my potentially lacky writing (is lacky even a word? It is now), it'll be better tomorrow.

Goodnight xx                  

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