Thursday, 23 July 2015

Making changes (yes, I know it's not New Year)

Okay, so apparently I forgot I have a blog haha but I'd definitely like to get into it more! I think before I was finding it really difficult to figure out what to blog about but at the moment I am really excited to do this.
I think in the future I will be posting about recipes, trying to help people understand plant-based lifestyles and basically just what's happening in my life.
Honestly I'm not that interested in reading product reviews that other people have made, so I probably won't be doing many of them, unless they're about movies or something which I am really quite impressed with.
My ideal future would probably involve blogging about plant-based living and travelling, so maybe that's what this will turn into! (If I ever get to travel hahah)

This probably wasn't a very interesting post but it's helping me to feel organised and motivated, thanks for reading!!

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