Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Where I go for fashion advice!

Sometimes it can be quite difficult to think of what to wear to a certain event or just how to come up with your own style that suits you, so I thought it might be helpful to list a few inspiration sources that work for me.
(I've tried not to make this too long so if anyone reads this and wants me to elaborate or do another post, leave me a comment!)

1. TV shows and movies.
I'd say possibly the best place to get fashion advice from is a TV show or a movie, especially if you're looking for 90s or 80s fashion because you can always watch old movies or old shows, where the characters and actors were wearing genuine 90s trends.

Movies/shows that I look to for fashion ideas have been:
Friends, Sabrina The Teenage Witch, Charmed, Singles, Stoker, and the list goes on....

2. Famous people/celebrities etc..
This is kind of similar to the last point, but I have found that actors and musicians are really useful for fashion tips because they often tend to stay on top of the trends, it's super easy to just search their name into Google images and see a whole bunch of different outfits they've worn (for all sorts of different occasions) and generally they're creative people, which always helps when it comes to style.

I tend to search up people like 90s Winona Ryder, Elle Fanning... I've had a blank and can't think of any others at the moment but basically any person who I otherwise like!

3. Pinterest/Tumblr/Youtube/Blogs
This is probably the most obvious option, and I particularly enjoy Pinterest because I feel like it's a little more organised and easier to navigate than tumblr/regular blogs, although I also feel like the age demographic is more mature and therefore there are less users that post things relative to teens and young adults.
And of course, Youtube is great if you don't have much time for sitting down and watching videos or actively scrolling through blogs because you can watch them as you're doing other things like cooking, getting ready in the morning etc...

Maybe I'll post a list of my favourite Youtubers at the moment, incase anyone is interested!

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this post, I actually cut a lot away trying not to make it a huge chunk of writing, but now I feel like it's a bit boring... Please comment, that would be really cool and I might do another post on this topic later because there's so much to say! :)

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