Sunday, 2 August 2015

Weekend purchases - H&M

Fluffy white jumper, so soft and cosy!
Cuts off around the hips and the sleeves are perfect length ~ definitely not too short which is a problem I struggle with hahaha ($20)
Up close

A green sweater/jumper: I really like this colour and again, the sleeves are a good length but the bottom tends to cling around my hips/stomach and then puff out a bit in the middle, which is a style I'm not that fond of so I'll returning this. Other than that, it's really comfortable and fits really well, I would recommend this! ($15)
This is a big light grey quilted jumper/sweater thing (I'm not quite sure... It's thin ish?) with rolled up sleeves. It is quilted on the torso with plain arms. I really like quilted things so I picked this up almost immediately after I saw it, but it's either supposed to be very oversized or I got a size too big. I'm going to take it back and try a size smaller but if thats too small, I think I might keep the first one, I don't know! Oh and unfortunately, the sleeves don't roll down any further so keep that in mind if three quarter length sleeves aren't your thing. Maybe you could unpick the thread that is holding them up though? ($25)

This is possibly one of my favourite things I bought yesterday. It's a light, flowy dress which you could pair with so many things and wear as a casual day dress or something nice to wear out at night and it was such a good price I was actually surprised! It's getting close to spring now so I think this dress will be perfect. ($20)
Here is the floral print up close, excuse the stuff stuck up on my wall please haha

Hope you enjoyed, everything here was from H&M (which is surprising because I don't usually find much that I like in there, although maybe I just don't go in often because it's always SO packed with people)! Have a great day/night wherever you are! :))
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