Sunday, 3 January 2016


As I'm sure many people would agree, New Years resolutions don't often seem to stick. That's why instead of having general resolutions for the entire year, I am (hopefully) going to set myself new goals each month.
I find that having short-term goals makes them seem much more achievable, particularly if they're quite specific.

My January Goals:
  • Blogging
    It's been in my thoughts throughout December and I'd like to start posting something at least twice a week.
  • Write moreI guess that links in with the first one but I'd also like to write more short stories and write in my diary more ~ I like having a record of my life.
  • Be active
    This is such an overdone goal, I've tried before but I always end up breaking my routine, so now I've decided to not have a routine. I'm setting myself the goal of finding time to go for a run three times a week, whenever that may be, and being active every day. I feel like this should be achievable. And being active can be anything from going for a run, a walk or doing a bit of yoga in the morning/before bed.
    ... these start Monday right?
What are your goals? x

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